Engage tractor beam!

With fewer and fewer low-hanging fruits left to pluck (and Stellaris Federations out) release churn started to wind down. This is maybe the last one before the ground-up rewrite. To make further progress the engine should be massively reorganized.

Nevertheless, here comes another scene! A new single-planet/multi-player orbiting tutorial for you to explore controls and basic dynamics. Remember the “dump stock” button? That one, augmented with new tractor beams, allows for a few funny tricks. And all the ship controls (wasd, arrows, mouse) now control 3 different ships making a hot-seat orbital tag possible. Camera will attempt to track all of you (including the planet) for that Original space sim action, sans pews, but with extra stuff flying around.

The good stuff still left to do:

  • Consumables
  • Market panel
  • Race scene
  • Mislanding avoidance for bots (my, this one is hard!)
  • Collisions
  • “Experiment” scenes (interactive visualizations)
    • Gravity fields rendering
      • Currently lives in a separate branch
    • Bot gym

Requires rewrite

  • Intro sequence
  • Outro sequence
  • Sound effects and music? IDK
  • Multiple systems to visit and find elusive stuff
  • Persistent network multiplayer

Previously: https://icrbow.itch.io/spacemar/devlog/128946/time-flies-like-an-arrow-bot-flies-like-a-banana

Source code: https://gitlab.com/dpwiz/spacemar

Telegram shipposting channel: https://t.me/HaskellSpaceProgram


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Version 10 Apr 09, 2020
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Version 10 Apr 09, 2020

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