Planetary-scale fixes

Planet appearance is now decoupled from their gravity mass.

Still, base size is picked at a radius where you’d need some 16x of ship thrust to leave it on your own. The Stuff planet was a bit too large (that means too slow, not fun) while the smaller were too quirky. They either cannonballed your ship to the void, or left you in a free-fall back on ground. A PITA to fly, all around, and landing/take-off rings were always a bit.. off.

New ring distances do away with factors of planetary radius and, indirectly, gravity). Now they represent factors of thrust, starting from 16x at the ground and the 3rd ring (where takeoff ends) is always a correct (that is, fun) place to switch back to orbital controls. You still can’t just overcome gravity on your own, but should comfortably find a transfer trajectory instead.

  • 16x - the ground (solid)
  • 8x - landing ring (cyan)
  • 4x - assisted flight zone
  • 2x - take-off ring (yellow)
  • 1x - free-flight zone
  • 0.5x - meaningful influence zone

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Version 4 Jan 17, 2020
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Version 4 Jan 17, 2020

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