Change is a force to be reconed with

Now, that’s a release-worthy amount of goodies.

The game has the potential for way, way more before it exhausts its potential. I need to dose upcoming features appropriately on the pain of overwhelming myself into burnout.

Surprisingly, a some form of multiplayer is much closer now. It just needs a separate game scene and appropriate camera controls. This would do for a neat tutorial even.

I’m really itching now for a networked multiplayer, but have to do bot brains first. Anyway, with Steam Remote Play Together the local is also a networked.

Things stuck out from the roadmap:

  • Mouse controls
  • Taking mass into account

Extra things that weren’t on the menu:

  • Multiple control schemes
  • Ship UI
  • New ship hull
  • Bots trade and dump cargo
  • Nice planet shade

The good stuff still left to do:

  • Bots doing something sane
  • Consumables
  • Market panel
  • Collisions
  • Tutorial scene
  • “Experiment” scenes (interactive visualizations)
  • Race scene
  • Catching the containers
  • Tractor beam effects
  • Intro sequence
  • Outro sequence
  • Sound effects and music? IDK
  • Multiple systems to visit and find elusive stuff
  • Multiplayer?!


Source code:


SpaceMar!-d241347-x86_64.AppImage 4 MB
Version 7 Feb 20, 2020 6 MB
Version 7 Feb 20, 2020

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