Beta stage separation complete

This is now a game. It has the beginning, the middle and the end. And a return to the beginning.

The gameplay hasn’t changed much, but got more accurate and varied.

The engine underwent a massive code reorganization and got improved foundation opening up next steps. Most generic pieces are to get extracted into the starter project to bootstrap next projects even faster.

Things that got done:

  • Intro scene
  • Score grading
  • Warpspeed effect
  • Planet rendering decoupled from gravity
  • Warp-out effects
  • Warp-in effects

The good stuff still left to do:

  • “Experiment” scenes
  • Expanded keyboard controls
  • Mouse controls
  • Catching the containers
  • Tractor beam effects
  • Taking mass into account
  • Intro sequence
  • Outro sequence
  • Bots doing something sane
  • Sound effects and music? IDK
  • Multiple systems to visit and find elusive stuff
  • Multiplayer?!


Source code:


SpaceMar!-7c19070-x86_64.AppImage 4 MB
Version 6 Jan 29, 2020 6 MB
Version 6 Jan 30, 2020

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