Time to push the frontier

Now with the somewhat stable and playable version is up, it’s time to shuffle things a bit. Or, rather, a lot.

New build brings:

  • Placing orders on market-less planets do not crash anymore.
  • Randomized planets. Configurable up to whatever you could reasonably pack in a chosen zone.
  • Automatic player spawning. No longer jumping right atop the goal.
  • Smooth-tracking camera. Escape the escape velocity and respawn back into action.
  • New keyboard bindings.
  • Toggle trajectories, rings, markets and stuff.
  • UI layer. Not much right now, but paves a way for future widgets.


spacemar-windows.zip 6 MB
Version 5 Jan 22, 2020
SpaceMar!-35d6d0d-x86_64.AppImage 4 MB
Version 5 Jan 22, 2020

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