Final (Jam) version released

Aaand, with masterful scope cuts, the game have achieved alpha quality. Lots of stuff left chilling on the shelves, but the basic playthrough is ready.

The game has intro (in the description section on the page), the flights and trades and warp-speed transition into final score screen.

The good stuff left behind (kinda roadmap):
  • Score grading
  • Catching the containers
  • Tractor beam effects
  • Warpspeed effect I imagined it
  • Planet rendering decoupled from gravity
  • Taking mass into account
  • Expanded keyboard controls
  • Mouse controls
  • Warp-out effects
  • Warp-in effects
  • Intro sequence
  • Outro sequence
  • Bots doing something sane
  • Sound effects and music? IDK
  • Multiple systems to visit and find elusive stuff
  • Multiplayer?!


SpaceMar!-aa80fef-x86_64.AppImage 4 MB
Version 3 Jan 12, 2020 6 MB
Version 3 Jan 12, 2020

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