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First things first. Congratulations on your scheduled promotion review! The only thing is left to decide is what exactly your new title will be.

The board is always prospecting new candidates and new market opportunities. There is some... stuff that our research team deemed worthy of further inspection. The stuff, they say, extends life. The stuff, we say, expands shareholder value.

With a budget assigned and a standard issue "Slate" Star Courier provided you will go on a business trip to acquire a sample. Feel free to pursue business opportunities along the way. Don't get too distracted, but don't forget to be awesome either.


Enter the planetary system and fly like your salary will depend on it!


  • w: Engage thrusters, take off or abort landing.
  • a: Turn left, or sell goods.
  • d: Turn right, or buy goods.
  • ~: Dump stock in a durable cargo container.
  • Esc: File for bankrupcy (only in space).
  • Shift+Esc: Ragequit.

Alternative keyboard:

  • Arrows, that's it.
  • Right Ctrl: Dump  stock
  • Backspace: Go bankrupt.


  • LMB: orient toward cursor and burn
  • RMB: orient without burning


  • Shift+P: toggle pause
  • t: cycle trajectories
  • Shift+T: cycle ship traces
  • Shift+S: cycle scores
  • Shift+M: cycle markets
  • Shift+R: toggle gravity rings
  • Shift+G: toggle UI grid
  • Shift+LMB: respawn in a target location.
  • Shift+RMB: spawn a bot.

Install instructions

Linux builds require  `freeglut3` installed and a recent `libc` (I build with Ubuntu 19.10, eoan).


spacemar-windows.zip 6 MB
Version 10 Apr 09, 2020
SpaceMar!-b3bf9f9-x86_64.AppImage 4 MB
Version 10 Apr 09, 2020

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