A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Orbital rendezvous objectives simulator

It’s a snake! On orbital planes!

This is a no-engine game based on raw Vulkan SDK and some Haskell libraries I made to load stuff. The source code is on GitLab.

The gameplay is a Snake - you move around and collect stuff. The twist is the playing field is actually 6-dimensional, as in 6 orbital elements. See below for controls.


The controls are not intuitive. I had difficulties with rendezvous missions in Kerbal Space Program so I made this to grok it. It should be even more difficult with limited fuel, time and other restrictions.

The controls are two-fold:

  • To actually change your orbit, activate (and hold) [space].
  • To lock spacecraft orientation use:
    • [W] - orient prograde. That is, towards your next position, “forward”. This will raise the opposite point of your orbit.
    • [S] - orient retrograde. Turn around, engine-forward and prepare to brake. This will lower the point at 180° around your orbit.
    • [A]/[D] - orient “inside” and “outside” orbit. This is where things get funky. Those are slow burns that shift your orbit around.
    • [Q]/[E] - orient perpendicularly to your orbital plane. This will adjust your inclination, however unintuitively. Even slower burn.

That’s it. Things will get faster the closer they get to the planet. Red color indicates the greater speed and lower altitude.


  • [←]/[→]/[↑]/[↓] - rotate camera around the planet to get a better look.
  • [P] toggles game time.

Install instructions

I'm currently fighting for a more portable package.

Meanwhile you can run it on something like Ubuntu 18.04 and later.

This should get the libraries if some are missing:

apt install libopenal libopusfile libgmp10 libffi7 libvulkan1


orboros-linux.zip 27 MB
Version 16 Nov 03, 2021
orboros-windows.zip 28 MB
Version 8 Sep 05, 2021

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