A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Stable orbits are too boring for a G-force seeking space racer.
Test your skills and reaction time in this twisted mess of warp.

Ship controls
  • Left/Right - turn your ship.
  • Up - use engine to change course.


  • Boost (W)
    • Gain a massive engine power boost. Fades quickly and charges slowly.
  • Shed (S)
    • Convert your kinetic energy to radiation.
  • Jump (X)
    • Quick dive deeper into warp and back.

Last, but not least:

  • Esc - restart if you feel stuck.
  • Alt+F4 - quit.


swerve-linux.zip 8 MB
Version 4 Nov 03, 2021
swerve-windows.zip 19 MB
Version 3 Oct 11, 2021

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