Ludum Dare 46 snapshot

This is a snapshot URL for LD46 jam release. I want to pour next batch of gameplay altering updates before the voting round ends. In case Itch historical downloads are unavailable, here’s a copy on google drive:

Keep it alive.

Some just to watch the world burn. And warp in hefty space rocks to do that.

You’re the watch commander on a sentinel platform overseeing the local freshly-terraformed world grow.


  • LMB - shoot
  • RMB / ~ - cycle windows
  • Mouse wheel - zoom
  • 1 - select slugs
  • 2 - select rockets
  • p / pause - toggle pause
  • Esc - quit


  • Mouse cursor does not tell the exact point for projectiles to hit. It sets the shoot/launch direction relative to the platform.
  • Pause the game and explore how do trajectories wrap around the planet in its gravity.
  • The platform adds its orbital velocity to every launched thing. That it, things launched “backside” will have a lower orbital energy and will come close to the planet. Or just fall to it. Conversely, shooting “ahead” will give extra speed to get away from the planet.


Slugs are better for shooting “inwards”, but rockets will get to farther away faster… after a while.

Good luck

Have fun.

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Version 3 Apr 25, 2020 9 MB
Version 3 Apr 25, 2020

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